Piano Lessons, Music Theory Lessons & Ear Training in Indianapolis

Sophia Gorlin "Music teaching is not just my job; it is my mission, my love, and my life."

Sophia Gorlin is a Ukrainian-educated musician with 35 years of experience teaching piano lessons, music theory lessons, and ear training to students in the Ukraine and in the United States.

Mrs. Gorlin maintains a home piano studio in North Indianapolis where she teaches piano, music theory, and ear training lessons to students of all ages and levels. Her lessons are largely informed by her deep knowledge of the European musical education system, and many of her students have won piano competitions under her tutelage. Information on Mrs. Gorlin’s piano lessons, including samples of her unique learning materials, can be found here. For information on her music theory and ear training instruction, click here.

In addition to her teaching activities, Mrs. Gorlin has authored works on music-related topics throughout her career. Most recently she published a series of works on Dmitri Shostakovich in the DSCH Journal (Nos. 27–29); these and other articles by Mrs. Gorlin can be accessed from her Music Criticism page.

Mrs. Gorlin has just released her new Music Theory for Young Musicians series of books. The books are targeted at pre-college students of all levels and drawn largely from the unique materials she has developed for her students over the years.  For more detailed description of the books, click here.

For Sophia Gorlin’s professional biography, click here.